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Sentinel World®


Sentinel Town            Sentinel City

Educational Simulations

Healthcare Learning Innovations builds innovative learning environments harnessing the latest online simulation technologies to create interactive educational simulations. This technology increases new skill retention and performance through immersive, elevated engagement while learning. Keep reading to learn more about our online educational simulations.

Sentinel World®

At the intersection of immersive simulation and nursing education you’ll find our Sentinel World® suite of products. Sentinel World® encompasses our engaging urban and rural educational simulations, Sentinel City® and Sentinel Town™, and new simulated environments coming soon. A variety of package options are available to suite your organization’s specific needs. You can purchase the suite of products as a whole or an individual community simulation.

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Sentinel City®Sentinel City School District

An award-winning urban community simulation for community and public health nursing students to complete various assignments and assessments in a convenient, fun learning environment.

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Sentinel Town™ Image

Sentinel Town™

A rural community simulation that provides simulated clinical hours and practice experience to community and public health nursing students in a safe and engaging digital environment.

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Awards and Nominations

SIIA CODiE Award finalist in two categories:
  • Best Emerging Education technology Solution
  • Best Virtual Learning Solution

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WCET Outstanding Work (WOW) Award

WCET Outstanding Work (WOW) Award Logo

APEX Grand Award Winner
  • Publication Excellence in Electronic Media

    2017 APEX Award Winner Logo

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