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Sentinel City®


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Educational Simulations

They're not just buzz words, it's what we do. Healthcare Learning Innovations builds innovative learning environments harnessing the latest online simulation technologies to create interactive educational simulations. This technology increases new skill retention and performance through immersive, elevated engagement while learning. Sentinel City® is one example of our simulation capabilities, which extend far beyond a virtual city, hospital or rural setting. We build fully customized educational simulations to meet the specific needs of your business, from the ground up. Tell us about your simulation needs, and we’ll build your custom solution.

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Sentinel City® Community Health Simulation

Sentinel City® is an immersive educational environment enabling students to earn clinical hours and practice experience by completing windshield surveys and other assignments safely, online, at their convenience. Any educational healthcare program, both physical and online, can benefit from using this advanced educational simulation. Implement Sentinel City® Community Health Simulation from Healthcare Learning Innovations to enhance your curriculum and learner eEducational Simulation - Sentinel Cityxperience.

  • Customizable and trackable sample assignments create easy implementation for faculty
  • Students earn Practice Experience/Simulated Clinical Hours
  • Aligned with QSEN and NLN core competencies and AACN BSN Essentials
  • Admin dashboard with key data for faculty on student participation and activity
  • Useful for both pre-licensure and RN to BSN nursing students, or any student studying community health concerns
  • Faculty guide includes 2 full lesson plans with grading rubrics, plus 16 example assignment topics
  • Applicable to other content areas like infection prevention and control, disaster preparedness, general education and more
  • 24/7 online access from comfort and safety of home

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Video: Sentinel City® Community Health Simulation - Version 2.3 Learn More


I enjoyed the Sentinel City experience. I felt the program was very easy to use and fun. More detailed than I had expected. More realistic than I had anticipated. I strongly recommend this program to other students.
Sentinel City
®, Client Student

As an instructor, the simulation allowed me to know exactly what the students were viewing so that I could draw connections between their reading and what they were seeing.
Sentinel City
®, Client Faculty Member

Client Schools Include:

Western Governors University - current Sentinel World clientCollege of the Redwoods - current Sentinel World clientSamford University logo - current Sentinel World clientUniversity of Massachusetts Dartmouth logo - current Sentinel World clientMinot State University logo - current Sentinel World client

West Chester University - current Sentinel World clientMidAmerica Nazarene University - Sentinel World clientUniversity of Texas Tyler - current Sentinel World clientMessiah College - current Sentinel World clientOklahoma City University logo

Truett Mcconnell University - current Sentinel World clientUniversity of Central Oklahoma - current Sentinel World clientDelta State University - current Sentinel World clientEastern Illinois University - current Sentinel World client

Saint John's College Springfield - current Sentinel World clientUniversity of South Dakota - current Sentinel World clientAmerican Sentinel University is a current Sentinel World client schoolFlorida Gateway College - current Sentinel World clientUniversity of Pennsylvania - current Sentinel World clientUniversity of Texas Rio Grande Valley - current Sentinel World client

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